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Oneika Russell


Projects are bodies of work, collaborations, special productions or outputs other than my main creative produce. Often these projects influence what happens in my studio practice.

INSIDES @ NLSKingston:  As a member of The Painting Department faculty at The Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts we mounted an exhibition at NLS in Kingston, Jamaica in March 2015. The show used the space in a micro-gallery to put together the various practices of the faculty members: Camille Chedda, Prudence Lovell, Phillip Thomas and myself. The focus was on developmental work and drawing. The process of actualising the exhibition provided an experimental space for each artist. NLS Kingston's IN broadcasts our artists talk. 

The Selfie Drawing Project: This work began as a few drawings in 2013 to get practice and do something direct and simple in a more informal environment. I initially drew these portraits and selfies for people on Facebook but I am also reworking the drawings for a new body of work called 'Preservations'. This project is now closed.

Ehtoh Creative Collab: Ehtoh Creative was a creative research collab between myself and writer Tanay Davies. We produced creative content online, and creative goods which serve functional purposes. The collab enabled familarity and experience of creative thinking, design and production which supports the craft and concepts we both develop in our creative practices. This project is now on hold.

DRIFT: Still from DRIFT. This was an experimental animation produced between 2008 to 2009. This was a collaboration with writer/ producer Tanya Davies. The videos were screened at various places such as T-JOY Cinema in Kyoto Japan. The storyboard was exhibited at The National Gallery of Jamaica and remains in their collection. The animation cells were exhibited at Kyoto International Community House in 2010 . The project has been put on hold due to changes in objectives, funding etc. The storyboard drawings may be prepared as a picture book at a later date.

ART:Jamaica: In 2006 while teaching at Edna Manley College and teaching various fine art courses this blog was created as a way to document and encourage discussion of contemporary art in Jamaica. It remains a resource for expressing opinion and discussing some of the events and issues in the local art community online. There is an active Facebook group extending the reach.