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 ART:Jamaica blog

Suggesting an approach to Analysis of the Artist Animation: Re-looking at William Kentridge’s Tide Table, CONTEMP’12 Conference Publication, April 2012.

Contemporary Creative Culture: Wendell McShine, ARC Magazine, November 2011 Issue 4.

 ARC Issue 1 article/ Sheena Rose: Going to Town and Other Places, ARC Magazine, 2011 Issue 1.

 SXSPACE: 'Mi Did Deh Deh': A Candid Conversation between two contemporary Jamaican artists

 Small Axe: 'Stills From a Fictional Film', February 2008, Number 25 (Volume 12 Issue 1).

Doctoral Research
I recently completed practice-theory doctoral research in Animation in Contemporary Art at Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan. This research is partly reflective of an interest in the  process of making Art and Animation the relationship between the two media. It also involves looking at the field of Animation Studies as it has grown and how Contemporary Art produce fits within that framework. Thinking about artistic practice as a research method is also integral to the outcomes of the research. How artists globally uses animation politically to address local and cultural concerns has also been a key focus. I have been fortunate to be supervised by Japanese media artist and theorists Keiji Aiuchi and Shinsuke Ina in the Film, Video & Media Arts Department. Jacqueline Berndt from the Graduate School of Manga Studies and Morihiro Satow from The Design and Visual Culture Department also provided key supervision during this process.

Still from Thesis animation, A Natural History 5 Sequence 2