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Oneika Russell



Oneika Russell is a visual artist, art educator and cultural producer. She attended The Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica from 1999 to 2003 where she completed a diploma in the Painting Department. She has also studied Interactive Media at Goldsmiths College in London under The Centre for Cultural Studies and completed a DA in Art at Kyoto Seika University in Kyoto, Japan in 2014. She received The Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award in 2007 and the Catapult Arts Grant in 2020. She has done residencies at Residency Unlimited in New York, Vermont Studio Centre in Vermont, Post-Museum in Singapore, NLS in Kingston. She has exhibited in countries such as Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Norway, Japan, US, Canada, UK and Germany. Major presentations include ‘At the Crossroads: Critical Film and Video from the Caribbean at Perez Museum of Art Miami' in 2016 and the 2018 DAKAR Biennial and Jamaican Pulse at The Royal West of England Academy, UK in 2017. Oneika is the Founding Director of Tide Rising Art Projects, an artist-led initiative. 


My current art practice really takes into account my place and role as a Jamaican artist who functions and lives locally in a country that doesn’t have a fully developed art industry in the way developed nations may have. That being said, I have then turned my focus to the art and visual culture I am surrounded by in this small island developing economy. My work often investigates the trope of the fetishised and mythologized native within the paradigm of “paradise” and tourism industries. My current work borrows imagery, techniques, and formats from the culture of craft and souvenir-making in the Caribbean such as wall hangings, postcards and gift items. New projects also act as social engagements using image-based tools created.

These tourism souvenirs, postcards and trinkets formed much of the Art that I grew up around and saw in the houses of my family while forming my early ideas and appreciation of art and design. Acting from this place and honouring that experience I therefore seek to also participate and contribute to this production of craft items within the fine art space with the aim to facilitate looking again at these items. Through this work I am seeking to engage this tradition of arts & craft produced with an eye to tourism economies while balancing this with a consideration of the craft item’s layered cultural impact. The objects and videos made explore how Afro-based figurative imagery is used as a tool in presenting culture and people as consumable products. The imagery created also investigates the role of trade, migration and unofficial economies as direct influencers of how representation and production occurs. I see the resulting work as revisions of the format as I introduce both personal and societal narratives, ideas and experiences which often create a kind of archetypal image and experience in the final work.


2010- 2014
Kyoto Seika University,, Japan 
Film, Video and Media Arts Dept.
Monbukagakusho Scholar, Doctoral Course

2009- 2010
Kyoto Seika University,, Japan 
Film, Video and Media Arts Dept.,
Monbukagakusho Scholar, Postgraduate Research 

2003- 2004 Goldsmiths College, University College of London, UK 
Centre for Cultural Studies,  
M.A., Interactive Media 

1999-2003 Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts., Jamaica 
4 yr. Dip., Painting, Upper 2nd Class Honours, Delves Molesworth studio space 
Award, Dean's Purchase Award, 2003 


Solo Exhibitions

2019 May, The Golden Fantasy, NLS Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica 

2008 July, In the Night Garden, Solo show, Post-Museum, Little India, Singapore 

2006 November, Power, Myths & Tragedies: an exhibition of videos, drawings 

        and objects, CAGE Gallery, Edna Manley College, Kingston 

Selected Group Exhibitions & Screenings 

2022 June, DOCUMENTA, Alice Yard, Kassel, Germany

June, Kingston Biennial, The National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica

2021 July, Transformation: Images & Objects in Relation, The Clemente Center, New York, USA

December, Kingston Biennial, The National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica

2020 December, …and the struggle resumes, Olympia Art Centre, Kingston Jamaica

2018 November, mono no aware, Residency Unlimited pop up group show, Red Hook, Brooklyn,         

                New York, USA 

May, 2018 DAKAR Biennial, Dakar, Senegal

2017 December, Surface Traces, Yashar Gallery, New York, USA 

February, Jamaica Biennial 2017, The National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, 


2016 December, In situ: visiones del paisaje en las Grandes, The Dr. Pío López Museum of Arts,         

                University of Puerto Rico in Cayey, Cayey, Puerto Rico 

October, Contributor to ‘Las Antilles para Los Antillanos’ Monica Rodriguez’s installation, Los     


                Contemporary Exhibitions, USA

August, Caribbean Linked IV, Ateliers ’89, Oranjestad, Aruba

Jamaican Pulse, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK

May, Remix en Caraïbe, Tropiques Atrium, Fort-de-France, Martinique

April, DIGITAL, The National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica

January, Jamaica Routes, Galerie F15 Punkto, Oslo, Norway

2015 November, Bi-Way Art Foundation, Wrong Biennial, online virtual exhibition

March, Insides: Camille Chedda, Oneika Russell, Phillip Thomas, Prudence Lovell, NLS, Kingston, Jamaica

En’ Mas: Carnival and Performance Art of the Caribbean, Contemporary Arts Centre New 

                Orleans, New         

                Orleans, USA, (Collaboration on artists video with Charles Campbell)

2014 December, Jamaica Biennial, The National Gallery of Jamaica & Devon House,  

Kingston, Jamaica

September, IN RETROSPECT: 40 Years of the NGJ

July, Group show, Trajectories: 70 Years of Art at MF&G, Myers, Fletcher & Gordon, Kingston, Jamaica 

May, Group show, Edna Manley College Staff Show, The Cag[e] Gallery,          

                Kingston, Jamaica

2013 April, Group show, Natural Histories, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, 


2012 July, Group show, Contemporary Jamaican Art: Circa 1962/ Circa 2012, Art 

                Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada 

March, Two-woman show, Munson-Williams-Proctor Gallery, Pratt MWP, New 

                York, USA

December, National Biennial, The National Gallery of Jamaica,  

Kingston, Jamaica

2011 January, Wrestling with the Image, Group show, Art Museum of the Americas,  

                Washington D.C., USA

  September, Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival: New Media, Group show, Medulla    

                Gallery, Trinidad & Tobago

2010 November, ARTSBAR@Rissei, Group Show, Rissei Elementary School, Kyoto, 


October, Vous êtes ici, Group show, Fondation Clement, Port-Au- Prince,   


September, Shot in Kingston, Alice Yard 4x4, Group show, Alice Yard, Trinidad 

                & Tobago

March, ART FRESH, Group show, Mutual Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica

February, Kanpai Gurai, Three-woman show, Kyoto International Community 

                House, Kyoto, Japan

May, The 13th Kyoto International Student Film and Video Festival in T-Joy,  

                Kyoto Japan

2009 November, Rockstone & Bootheel: Contemporary West Indian Art, Group 

                show, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, USA 

February, Mi Did Deh Deh, Two-woman show, Morlan Art Gallery, University of 

Transylvania, Lexington, USA 


2008     June, Taboo Identities: Race, Sexuality + the Body- A Jamaican Context, 

    Olympia Art Centre, Kingston, Jamaica / Kentucky State University, Kentucky, USA 

    March, Curator’s Eye III: Ceremony in Space and Time, National Gallery of 

    Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica 

2007      October, New Photography at Edna Manley College, Cage Gallery, Edna  

                     Manley College, Kingston, Jamaica

    September, Materialising Slavery, Institute of Jamaica, Kingston,

    May, Her Shorts Women’s International Video Festival, Historic Y, Tucson, 

     Arizona, USA. 

     February, Moving Pictures: The Art & Design on Film Series, Manifest 

                     Gallery,Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 

2006      December, The 2006 National Gallery of Jamaica Biennial, Ocean 

     Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica 

      April, Temporary Identities - Video Art event at Novosibirsk State Art 

    Museum, Russia. 

      March, Indiana International Video Art & Architecture Festival - Video Art 

    & Architecture event at the Indiana University Art Gallery (USA 


2005    December, International Art Expo (Italy)/ Attitude Video/ Short & 

   Experimental film/ photography festival, Cultural Center "Magaza" (Institute and Museum) 

                   Bitola, Macedonia  


                   December, Curator's Eye II: Identity & History, The National Gallery of 

   Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica. 

           June, SuperPlus Under 40 Artist of the Year Competition, The Mutual   

                   Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica.

2004      December, The 2004 National Gallery of Jamaica Biennial, Ocean 

    Boulevard, Kingston, Jamaica


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Public Collections

Ateliers ’89, Oranjestad, Aruba, 2016

The National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica, 2010

Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Kingston, Jamaica, 2003

The University of the West Indies Hospital, Psychiatric Unit, Kingston, Jamaica, 2003