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Oneika Russell

BiWay Art Residency Project @ The Wrong Biennial

Screenshot from The Wrong Biennial currently on
This year receiving the BiWay Art Foundations Residency award provided me an opportunity to undertake community-oriented work which I have prior to not been able to do. The project from this residency award is being shown in The Wrong Biennial curated by Rea McNamara.

The Gah-ji community who live in a remote area of The Long Mountain Range in Jamaica that the resources made available have made it possible to commute and provide the needed resources to undertake the project. The community is known for the objects made from the clay found locally. I was able to travel to the community and work with youth to create drawings and impressions of the area as well as to incorporate the clay work of the making elders.

The figure present in the work evokes myself as the artist present in the community. Using their produce in my work was a way for us to combine creative forces. I have left them with this representation of what they as an inner community contribute to the society creatively as well as outer citizens like myself. Thanks to the The Office of Indigenous Communities and Cultures, Jamaica for also helping to facilitating this project.