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Oneika Russell

Collaboration With Charles Campbell on Fractal Engagements

Still from Fractal Engagements showing The Dancer/ Contortionist
Still from Fractal Engagements showing The Dancing Woman
Still from Fractal Engagements showing The Fireman

Since November 2014, I have been working on a collaboration with Charles Campbell to produce a video which documents his performance, Fractal Engagements. The video took documentation photos of the performance which took participants on a journey through the lanes and highways of a couple blocks of downtown Kingston. The performance ended in the burnt-out shell of a building off Luke Lane. I didn't attend the performance myself but it was documented by Storm Saulter, Nile Saulter and Marvin Bartley.

Still from Fractal Engagements showing The Participants
En Mas' Installation View

The fact that I didn't see the performance was really a main idea that I thought could sustain the video. I used less of the photos and more of drawings made from the photos to try to get at that second-hand description of the event. Several of the characters Charles had organized to pop-up in the real performance/ procession of participants also re-occurred in the video. Fractal Engagements debuted yesterday as one of the commissioned works in En Mas': Carnival and Performance Art of The Caribbean and will travel to various spaces throughout the U.S. Find out more about the exhibition and its concept here.