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Oneika Russell

A Natural History Artists Book

Oneika Russell, Cover of Exhibition copy of artists book, 2015
Since 2009/10 I have been working on drawings, photos, videos and prints which I call The 'A Natural History' Series. I have amassed many pieces of work which I wanted to pull together into a document. Books and their sequential aesthetic have been a part of my practice from very early on. With technology being what it is now, a show coming up and the wrapping up of this body of work, I felt finally making an artists book would be the best thing. It includes the poem and images from the 'Notes To You' installation as well as the drawings and images from many of the videos and prints in this series. There will only be 100 copies printed and the books will be signed and numbered. You may contact me if you wish to collect it.

I am showing this first artists book in the NLS group show called INSIDES. The show also features new and experimental work by Camille Chedda, Prudence Lovell and Phillip Thomas.