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Oneika Russell

(e)merge Art Fair 2014

Oneika Russell, Untitled print from currently unpublished artists book, editon of 5, 2012

NLS Kingston, ARC Magazine and have partnered to organize various events which are creating initiatives, opportunity, increased values, adopting curatorial best practices and the list goes on. Together out of this partnership they will be presenting 10 artists with diverse practices. 3 of my prints from an as yet unpublished artists book will be shown. The dates are from October 2nd to 5th at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington D.C. If you happen to be in the area check it out. You can find out more about the NLS & ARC programme here

Also I took part in a live broadcast organized and moderated by NLS. The conversation between myself, Mark King and Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez discussed being an outsider within your own culture as an artist, creating new narratives via intervention, subversion and nostalgia in our work.