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Oneika Russell

shadow drawing

Screen capture from 'A Natural History 1', 2011
I am now working on a video about experience and feeling of a place and identity in flux. As complex as that sounds I am actually seeking a very simple, rough or handmade feel. Being in Japan, I am always thinking on a daily basis about language and communication and what goes wrong when those two things become impossible or extremely difficult. What happens to the sense of self when these two given parts of life disappear. I am also thinking about what languages I can express myself in and what parts of me those languages reveal.

The work is the first video in the 'A Natural History' series and seeks to find the 'primitive' in the element of drawing. I am also returning to focus on more complicated sound design and more simple imagery as I last achieved in Baby Ophelias of 2006. Hoping for it to find its completion in time to submit to Animated Encounters Festival.