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Oneika Russell

New Exhibitions and plans

This month I exhibited 'In the Night Garden' and 'What the World Needs Now' at ART FRESH, Mutual Gallery's new revamped contemporaries show. I couldn't attend but hope it went well. I stopped painting at a point because of the troublesome nature of maintaining an oil painting studio and protecting and transporting the works. Looking back on it, that may have been less than wise. My new digital prints aren't proving any less problematic as I negotiate how digital prints function as art products for exhibition. With all this in retrospect, I am slowly picking up the paintbrush again.

In the meantime I am preparing a video for The National Gallery of Jamaica's Young Talent exhibition opening in April. Lets see what happens with that. My website is also in need of some TLC, hopefully I can negotiate my way around new web formats to do this. To Joomla or not?