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Oneika Russell

A beginning

Today, I started the long process of producing DRIFT. I have been working on my Sea series for about 2 years now, producing photos, prints, videos, drawings, installations etc. Now I start the process of making an ending to the series. Believe it or not myself and Tanya started talking about making the film in 2007. two years later, lots of planning, applications, proposals, change of country, process etc., I have made a start on the actual tangible work. Granted I have only begun working on how the opening scene should look and sound.Thanks to Luciana Michell also for contributing to the score of it.
How should I begin? How do you begin a project you have been thinking of for two years and one that will be the most technically challenging? I began simply. I had to remember my excitement about the idea by revisiting the storyboard and footage, and just began. There are fears that creep in but I have made it simple and manageable by cutting it into segments. So now instead of thinking I am making my first narrative animation, I am just making 4 short videos, each with its own scope. So now DRIFT begins…